Friday, June 29, 2007

The Long Awaited Job

I've waited for a few months for this job!

Yes.... I've waited for about 4 months to start my new "job" as a volunteer with Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya. (Click on my link
for more information on this foundation if u r interested).

I'd always wanted to help the less fortunate. However, due to the hectic worklife and personal commitments, there are limited opportunities for me to truly commit my time to do volunteer work. I could only compensate by participating in ad-hoc charity and community service activities and also, donating a fixed monthly amount to the charity organizations. Although my participation in these voluntary activities was not extensive, these few experiences had enhanced my social awareness towards the less fortunate people. It allowed me to learn to appreciate and work with people's differences. It had also given me a sense of satisfaction when I see the smiles on the faces of those whom I had helped. The opportunity to commit more of my time to do volunteer work came knocking on my door when YH made the decision to take up an overseas posting in Pattaya. This provides me with the great occasion to commit my time to do volunteer work, to help the less fortunate and giving something back to the society. The thought of able to give to others and making a positive difference in their lives makes me HAPPY :-)

Most would have thought that volunteering ourselves would be an easy process. Oops! We are damned wrong! I still remember the difficult application procedures.... need to provide my resume stating my past work experience, at least 2 work references, a statement on why I want to be a volunteer, a voice-recording in English and even a non-criminal record from the S'pore police! Think I took about more than a month to prepare all these. And the co-ordinator really checked on my work references cos my ex-boss informed me that the foundation contacted him to verify my work experience. Wow! The co-ordinator explained that all these are necessary are the foundation needs to ensure that all their volunteers are of certain quality so as to protect the interest of those benefiting from our volunteer services.

Thought I could start the job in April but was told by the co-ordinator that the vacancies were all filled up. I had to wait till July for some volunteers to leave before I can take over their responsibilities. Well well... at least all these are settled now and I'm just waiting patiently for the new job to start. I has been assigned to teach English to the Disabled and also co-teach at their School of Blind. Sounds interesting and I'm really looking forward to it.

Okie, look out for more updates from me. My first day of work is on 9th July 2007.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SJ's baby boy

SJ's baby boy has arrived this morning by C-section. Since her first baby girl was by C-section, they decided that it might be a good idea to follow suit for the second child. And since it's by C-section, the baby boy was born on an auspicious date and time chosen by the couple.

Boy boy, ur mom & dad are so nice to u. They make sure that u have a good life in future. Be obedient and fillial to them, ok?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Trip to Amphowa 02-03 June

Amphowa is about 1 hour away from Bangkok and this place is famous for its floating market.

I always thought that floating market only opens in the morning and sells mainly vegetables and fruits. To my surprise, this floating market opens in the evening and it definitely sells more than just vegetables.

We travelled to the floating market using one of the small boats (similar to that used by the noodle vendor), passing many many small rivers. The resort owner was very friendly and she acted as our personal guide by showing us around. And she bought a lot of things from the floating market which made me think that she enjoyed the trip more than anyone else. After the night market, the boat brought us to see fire flies. It's my first time in my life (except seeing some in Singapore science centre) seeing bunches and bunches of fire flies. I even managed to catch one and see it beamed in my hands.... No pictures on the fire flies. U got to imagine if u have not seen them personally.