Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I finally completed my mani and pedicure course!

While taking the course, I realized that how heavenly it is to be sitting on the comfortable couch waiting to be served by the nail professional. It was tough having to ensure that the nails were well-shaped, buffered and shined; and also the cuticles removed nicely. I always get a backache after each lesson from leaning forward my back towards the customers' hands or legs.

I was presented an ugly certificate. This is because my instructor's handwriting was terrible. Even my 5-years old niece can write more beautifully. If I ever have my own nail-shop, no way am I going to put up that certificate as testimonial. Anyway, opening my own shop is still a faraway dream cos there's so much more to learn..... Acrylic nail and nail art, and needs lots of practice. But at least I'm one step closer.