Wednesday, November 7, 2007

07 November:
Me: Class, do this exercise as homework. Pls, no copying. Student: Teacher, we no copy. It's teamwork. I was taken aback for a while cos it's the first time the students had said such a thing. Normally, they will deny that they will copy. But feeling happy for them. Their 1.5 years of learning English in the school is not wasted. At least now they know this term "Teamwork". Me: [Laughs] Okie then. That would mean u can do more exercises. Do this piece too and hand in to me tomorrow. Hee hee hee.... I think I'm getting evil.

06 November:
Things that went NOT SO RIGHT on the first day of the new school term:

  • One classroom assigned to many different classes for the same timing. Time was wasted in sorting out with other teachers - Whoever did the plan needs more guidance on planning.
  • The tags on the classroom were taken off - How would we know which classroom is which?
  • Finally found my assigned classroom after my ex-student brought me there. But it was locked.
  • My new students were not waiting for me outside the locked classroom - Where had they gone?
  • Finally found them waiting in a classroom, together with other students from another class. Need to search for an empty classroom (that is not locked) to house my students.
  • Moving & arranging tables and cleaning the dusty tabletops became my responsibility - Luckily the students were very helpful.

Actually I should not be surprised that such things do happen.... Welcome to Amazing Thailand!

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